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We just love what we do!

As you can tell by the love we have for our dogs, our puppies mean the world to us.

They are raised in our home with lots of love, care and attention.


We are breeders that follow the Puppy Culture program, we understand that the first 12 weeks of a puppy life is the most critical time, so early socialization is very important. Our puppies are extensively handled, socialized and trained, among other exercises, before going to their new home (around 8-9 weeks old). We encourage you and help you to continue this FUN socialization process!

Your new puppy will already know what a clicker is, will be trained to potty outside, will know how to sit, walk on leash and it will be easier to teach the recall.

Please contact me if you would like your puppy to be trained on a specific job (scent, tracking, conformation).


We won’t choose the puppy for you, but we will recommend one based on your family, lifestyle and goals. As we said multiple times, our puppies mean the world to us, so we really want you to “click” the right way.


The price of our puppies is determined by everything we have put into our dogs:

  • We genetically test all our dogs and puppies before going to their homes;

  • We have their hips x-rayed to check hip displasia;

  • We check their eyes for PRA by a credited ophthalmologist veterinary;

  • We feed a high quality diet;

  • We train our dogs for them to be good family companions and teach tricks for mental development;

  • We show our dogs in conformation for them to be evaluated by various judges;

  • We socialize our puppies individually, in different environments, and with various animals and people;

  • We start potty and crate training with our puppies;

  • We teach our pups that exchanges are good (to avoid a future resource guarding);

  • We would take back any puppy/adult if a family didn’t want them anymore;

  • We offer a discount to every puppy owner that would like to have their dog boarding or attending daycare at SweetPet.

All puppies will be dewormed and given their first vaccinations. You will be informed of the dates of future vaccines.

All companion puppies will be sold on a spay/neuter contract. Puppies that may be evaluated as show quality will have a different contract.

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