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Hi! I'm the crazy Corgi lady behind Milawish and my name is Camila. As the kennel name suggests, this project is a dream come true for me. I've been in love with this breed since I can remember, how can you resist these funny creatures, who love you unconditionally and make you laugh every single day?

I had my first dog when I was 17 years old, his name is Puto and he is a German Shepherd. Puto protected me and gave me confidence to start my first business with dogs: SweetPet (dog boarding and day care). Puto is also the guardian of all corgis and an incredible helper at SweetPet. In 2014 I finally got my first Corgi, Pepito. Pepito is amazing, he is everything a Corgi should be: funny, loyal, caring, super smart, always hungry and my best friend. One time, we were in the kitchen and Pepito was sitting next to me. Tiago, SweetPet co-owner, called him enthusiastically with a piece of chicken and he wouldn't move. We explain this behavior as a super natural bond between me and Pepi. Every day, Pepito makes it pretty clear that a life full of Corgis is a life worth pursuing, and by having such joy in my life I decided that I couldn't get enough Corgi loving. At this moment, and now that Milawish is official, our dog family is made of Puto, Pepito, Pyro (our super loving border collie), Pinipon and Puffy.

Camila Fassi

I started SweetPet, my dog boarding and daycare business when I was 19 years old. I've always loved dogs and was always committed to learn more about dog behavior, dog training and especially my main passion: dog breeding. I knew that I needed to study hard, gain experience and mature before I started Milawish. And, although i didn't know it at the time, the most perfect way was to be with dogs all day and everyday. Making it my main responsibility the development of my knowledge on dogs. I know that the only option for breeding dogs is by being responsible and sensible. I'm not only talking about following breed standards and making health tests a priority, this has always been my goal. It's also very important for me to socialize, train and educate my puppies. Now, that SweetPet has a wonderful and experienced team, I feel ready, and I'm very confident in dedicating myself to this wish come true.

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