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milawish corgi portugal
what you should know

Corgis are herders, bred to move cattle. They are fearless, independent and an active breed. For this reason they require daily exercise.
Corgis are smart, protective, loving animals. From our experience they create a crazy bond with one person of the household and you can literally feel the love every time they look at you!
Corgis are eager to learn as they are very smart puppers, so they will be very happy to learn some tricks. This will grow their confidence, as they are huge show-offs. Like any dog, they will need daily exercise, clear boundaries and their owners nearby.
Corgis are double coated dogs, so they will need some brushing every week. As any double coated breed they usually have two big sheds a year but they will lose a little bit of hair all year long.
Nail trims are also very important, we suggest they happen once a week.

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